The Quick Pitch

Indian Retail Market (having a size of $777B) is primarily dominated by traditional unorganized retailers. Over the past few years with the advent of digitalization, the organized retail has been picking up the pace. Of the overall industry, only 10% is organized till date but space is growing at a CAGR of ~19%.

The unorganised retail in India is touted to be the most popular purchase destination, catering to the country’s  1.3 billion population. As per an industry report, the market size of unorganised retail was a whopping $697.71 billion in 2018, whearas the size of organised retail stood at $ 79.43 billion.

Undoubtedly, unorganised retail has a humongous opportunity, which is largely untapped.

The Problem

As the result of this humongous growth, the market is seeing B2B segment almost doubling in size vis-à-vis the B2C ecommerce market. Therefore, companies such as Us is endeavoring to help these (un-organised) sellers with an opportunity to grow their business.

Despite Retailers access to a wide range of products available in the market as well as a formal credit system. As a result of small purchase quantities, retailers are devoid of a lot of benefits from distributors, which then results in them settling for lower margins.

The Solution

By on-boarding them on HiGrocer platform, the company ensures Accessibility, Affordability and Assist in better margin by accepting the Footfall challenge created by the market dynamics, which in return enable them to strive for the fittest.

The company has the vision to empower unorganised retailers in the country, which comprises 12 million Kirana stores, FMCG.

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