Frozen Snack

Look at Frozen Snacks in a whole new way – Get nutrition, taste and variety all in one go!

Its an ‘Easy cook’ the way you like it – Bake, Air fry, Shallow Fry, Deep Fry or simply Tawa Cook and take a bite to satisfy any craving!

Choose Wise

Frodel brings to you a range of snacks, Nutrition – Wise, Taste – Wise and Variety – Wise!! with…

No added preservatives*

Hard to believe? But that’s the power of Freezing – Being a natural form of preservation all we need to do is mix some fantastic ingredients and flavors to create a special recipe just for you. Just be sure you maintain the -18⁰C or below temperature.

Why only deep fry?

Bake, Air fry, Shallow Fry or simply Tawa Cook. We’ve crafted our recipes to suit a variety of cooking methods that go way beyond deep frying and allow you the freedom to follow the lifestyle you choose.

Think Beyond Potatoes

The vegetable family has so many stars but have you tried them in frozen snacks? We have an array of nutrition rich ingredients like beetroot, spinach, peas, paneer, hung curd, carrots and even lentils such as chickpea and rajmah in our range.

Good for you

Some of our products come with added nutritional benefits like –

  • Goodness of protein
  • Low fat.
  • Goodness of Veggies

Check the pack to know more about the goodness your preferred product has to offer you.

From our kitchen to yours

Our recipes, with our almost Decade experience, have been crafted to perfection & then frozen at our facilities using Individually Quick Frozen technology. The power of freezing ensures that the taste stays locked in until you cook it in your kitchen.

Spice it up

Some like it spicy. Some like it mild. We like it all! And hence our range caters to all kinds of taste buds.

But don’t believe us. Try it yourself.