As per the United Nations (UN) World Urbanization Prospects 2018 report, the rate of urbanization has increased to a considerable level since the 2009 census. The fast changing urban lifestyle and the new trend of living away from home for studying and employment purposes have eventually resulted to the growing demand of Packaged Foods in India
The segment offers high margins to retail for high-end products as it caters to premium customers who look for quality and variety and are willing to pay a premium price.

The young urban Indians aged 16 to 40 years constitute the major segment of this market. They spend over 40 percent of their income on food, are ready to experiment, and are willing to pay a premium for better quality, variety, and taste.

And We at HiGrocer are committed to cater these Indians, with our Last Minute Range of Products and its SKU




Along with innovation our focus is on the ease of access of our products to our customers. HiGrocer offers a wide variety of fine quality products at affordable rates. We believe in spreading happiness through our products without burning a hole in your pocket.



We at HiGrocer firmly believe in delivering best quality of products & services to our customers. We strive to create great tasting products in processed foods by offering wide array flavors that our customers crave for. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers by delivering them with best in class, safe and affordable products.



HiGrocer believes in creating and improvising products by recognizing and adopting the changing needs of our customers. Higrocer aims to offer variety of exciting products for all age groups and aims to come up with various innovative products to satisfy our customers.



We at HiGrocer value our customers and ensure they are content with the products. Since Inception now, HiGrocer continues to gain confidence of their customers by living up to its repute of giving affordable products without compromising in the quality.

Organising the Unorganised


To enable every retailers to compete with retail giants and e-commerce, by our Last Minute SKU range of Quality Products tethered by technology, without compromising on their relations and hence sustain the trusted champions within their neighborhood.


We are working with Strong Business Ethos (as mentioned before) and they are our Goals and Objectives

Dharit Parikh

The executive team roadmap also seeks to maintain enthusiasm and support throughout the product cycle

Dharit Parikh an IIM K Graduate known for his eye for Detailing, is a senior Sales and Marketing professional with 15 + years of experience in marketing and retail sector. A high performance business leader with experience of building sustainable and profitable businesses in developing and emerging markets of India.

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Aniket Sharma

The roadmap developed for the executive team aims to secure buy-in for the product vision

Aniket Sharma the young achiever, is Proactive and result oriented CA with rich experience in all aspects of Retail industry coupled with solid planning and organizational skills & team Management. A collaborative leader with a proven track record of leading successful Teams and Projects.

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