HiGrocer India as Marketer offers wide ranges of Packaged Food Products.
As our name suggests we are catering to Your Neighborhood Grocers to answer Your thirst for Premium, Quality and Last Minute SKU Products.
When we make our produce, we make it keeping YOU in mind. We want you to relish every bite, and we want you to want more!
We love our Indian food, the tradition and the recipes passed on from generations to generations. That’s why we say …
Naya Andaaz, Wohi Vishwas !!!
Under the Affirmation of “Quality Bhi, Daam Bhi”


Idli Dosa Batter

The taste of tradition lies in Ayyappa Idli Dosa Batter. It’s just the way our dear Anna would make with full of care, hygiene and love.

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Frozen Food

Look at Frozen Snacks in a whole new way – Get nutrition, taste and variety all in one go!
Its an ‘Easy cook’ the way you like it – Bake, Air fry, Shallow Fry, Deep Fry or simply Tawa Cook and take a bite to satisfy any craving!

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Grains & More

Quality is a way, a habit and a practice all rolled into one. It refers to a way of growing and processing food.

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